oh hey.

Oh hey there, health nut. You and I, well we just might get along.

My health-nuttiness didn’t happen overnight. I've always believed in working out, burning those calories and sweating hard, but the eating part? Well, I thought my body could handle just about anything—without putting on the pounds or having any converse side effects.

That is, until my allergies kept sending me to the doc, certain blood levels weren't what I'd hoped for and consistent low back pain had settled in. So, several years ago, I just wanted to feel better, and I started taking yoga classes and slowly working the processed foods out of my life.   

It finally hit me that I literally had to take charge of my health. I couldn't rely on my youth and good metabolism forever. And, honestly, after eating clean for only a few weeks, I was feeling so much better that I was hooked. 

My afternoon asthma disappeared, along with almost all of my allergy-related sinus issues. My blood levels have improved, along with my mood and mental clarity, and I love to cook now. 

Since starting this blog a few years ago, I've taken a new career path—from lifestyle journalist to yoga instructor/marketer. So, yoga and writing are kind of my thing. I’m here to have fun and to inspire a healthy lifestyle, so if that’s cool with you, stick around. Things are going to get crunchy. ;)