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take a walk on the [out]side.

take a walk on the [out]side.

The first blast of cool weather hit this small Florida town this weekend, and being outside became that much more attractive. Goodbye instant sweat and weird, frizzy hair––at least for two days. And hello sunny skies, fall festivals that feel like it, chilly mornings and nights cold enough to roast 'mallows over the fire.

Temperatures low in the 40s and 50s are a big deal here. Boots come out of the closet, fall activities we so desperately want to do without it feeling like summer are at the top of the list and there's absolutely no reason not to have a bonfire. We can't take a chance––the next round of cool weather might not come around until January. 

This was the perfect weekend for a temperature dip––it was packed with fun anyway but more pleasant in cooler air. We spent the whole day Saturday outside at different events and, of course, at our own backyard bonfire that night. Sunday morning found us on our back patio drinking coffee, watching the pups play and enjoying delicious mango-peach-blueberry smoothies. 

The windows in my house were open all weekend. Major plus.

I know that you probably don't care about my weekend. (I get it, not offended.) ;) What you might care about, though, is how good it is for you to BE OUTSIDE. Simple as that. Being out in nature has been proven to have amazing health benefits. It seems easy enough, but if you live somewhere boiling hot like here or freezing cold somewhere up north there are times you and I both are going to do our best to stay inside our pleasantly climate-controlled homes. 

But when the weather's nice and you're living it up outdoors, these are the ways nature impacts your health:

-Boosts short-term memory

-Mentally refreshes

-Relieves stress

-Reduces inflammation

-Promotes better vision (especially in children)

-Helps you focus

-Enhances creativity and sharp thinking

-May produce anti-cancer proteins

-Improves immune system

-Eases mental health issues

-Increases amount of vitamin D in your body

-Makes exercise more enjoyable

-Has healing powers

Impressive, right? The more time you're able to spend outdoors, the better off you'll be mentally, physically and spiritually. Be sure you spend time in nature over walks through the city, though. (When you can.) According to Business Insider's article linked in the list above: "Studies have also found that natural beauty can elicit feelings of awe, which is one of the truest ways to experience a mental boost." 

Time spent in the middle of a city won't have as strong of an impact on your health as say, walking through a field or forest. But depending on where you live, just getting out in the sunlight and fresh air is a step in the right direction. 

Have fun out there, health nuts. 

character stories.

character stories.

lean, mean and green.

lean, mean and green.