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yoga shmoga. (and why you should do it.)

yoga shmoga. (and why you should do it.)

Can we just talk about yoga for a minute (or for 375 words)?! If you’re not doing yoga now, you most likely will later in life. It’s just that good for you, and it’s also an ideal rest-day workout to help sore muscles recover.

I’ve learned not to assume (the hard way, of course) so whether you’re a yogi master, you consider yoga to be a sad excuse for a workout or you’re somewhere in between, I’m going to talk about some of the amazing health benefits yoga offers.

But first, I should tell you that I, too, considered yoga rather insignificant until the beginning of 2016. My friend got me into it, and we started going to a weekly class together. After the first session, I couldn’t believe how relaxed, stretched out and loosened up I felt. And it’s only gotten better since then.

So, here goes. Let’s see if you can wrap your mind around these benefits:

  1. improves cardiovascular health

  2. decreases chronic neck and lower back pain

  3. gives your brain a workout, too

  4. controls diabetes

  5. kicks stress and anxiety

  6. helps with depression

  7. aids fertility

  8. relieves hangovers

  9. eases asthma

  10. fights arthritis

  11. encourages a better night’s sleep

  12. increases flexibility, muscle strength and tone

  13. develops coping skills and a positive outlook

  14. improves athletic performance

  15. prevents injury

  16. boosts immunity

  17. helps you focus

  18. develops better balance

  19. aids digestion

  20. boosts self-esteem

I guess I’ll stop at 20, but there are many, many more. And you don’t need a gym or expensive class to get started. Try free yoga classes online first––here are four to choose from. Then, check local listings for yoga classes. I know there are free community ones here, and we list them every month in our magazine. But, there’s always Google if you get stuck.

Once you learn some of the moves and routines, you can practice on your own whenever you want. Since doing yoga, my ideal morning would involve sun salutations on the beach at sunrise to start the day. But we can’t all be that lucky.

Lastly, do yourself a favor and invest in a non-toxic yoga mat. Here’s all the deets on why regular yoga mats are bad for you, and here’s where you can purchase an all-natural one.

Namaste, health nuts.


flour power.

flour power.

pick a hobby. any hobby.

pick a hobby. any hobby.