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longer, stronger, healthier, shinier. (hair, that is.)

longer, stronger, healthier, shinier. (hair, that is.)

A clean lifestyle shows itself in subtle, but constant, ways. Clearer skin, more energy, healthier hair and sharper focus are just a few. Over the past couple of years, I've become more in-tune with my body (hello, yoga) and my mental health (hi there, journaling + mood swings + crazy hormones).

I've noticed how drastically different I feel when I eat good, clean foods compared to processed ones, and I've watched my hormones start to (finally) balance themselves out. But, I've only juuuust recently cut back on dyeing my hair. 

my hair history

My poor hair. It all started with Sun-In when I was a lifeguard in high school. Just imagine the tangled, yellow blonde-ish mess that my naturally brunette mane turned into. After that, I went from highlights in a box, to almost black, to brown and finally back to highlights until my hair just stopped growing. 

Obviously, that freaked me out—I'd always had long hair. So, I cut off the dead ends, stopped dyeing it, doused it in coconut oil and waited it out. Yes, it started growing again, but I felt like I'd wronged my hair. So, I decided I would have my hair professionally colored in an actual salon—because that's so much healthier (nope). But, I still had to keep switching from blonde to brown when the ends of my hair looked fried. 

I'm coming to terms with my brown hair. Because why not? That's my natural color, and no matter how boring I've always thought it looked, it's actually way prettier now that it's healthier. And diet, sleep, exercise and stress levels (and this shampoo) all affect your hair's health. Of course, your genes and hormones do, too, but a healthy lifestyle can heal your whole body, including your hair. 

hair, skin and nails supplements


To kickstart your hair's growth, strength and shine, give some plant-based supplements a try. I recently connected with an It Works! representative, and I tried the Hair Skin Nails supplements.

After one month, I noticed more shine, individual strand strength, manageability and growth than normal. I also noticed my nails had strengthened and stopped peeling in layers. What's great about these supplements is that they're made with all-natural and plant-based ingredients. There's nothing questionable or strange in them. 

Due to the high-level biotin in these supplements (and most hair supplements), you should make sure you're drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day to filter out any excess biotin. The supplements' container states this, as well.

Keep in mind that it has been found that some people's bodies cannot process biotin as well as others can. A good way to introduce your body to the biotin is to cut the daily dose in half and just take one supplement each day for the first week or so. Then, start taking the normal dose from there. The key here is to pay attention to your body. 

Ready to try them out? Get them right here

Here's to mermaid hair. ;)


the clean, dairy-free creamer to get obsessed about.

the clean, dairy-free creamer to get obsessed about.

power-up smoothie: skin-boosting + protein-packed.

power-up smoothie: skin-boosting + protein-packed.