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tone it up: how to get stronger, more defined shoulders.

tone it up: how to get stronger, more defined shoulders.

When it comes to arms, we typically shoot for toned, lean and strong. And let's not forget defined. You can have strong arms with no definition, which means they will only look like larger versions of your previously not-so-strong arms.

That happened to me in college. I was working my biceps and triceps three times a week and not seeing any progress. I felt like the muscle I was building was growing below a layer of fat and only making my arms look bigger and bigger (with no more definition and no less jiggle). I wanted toned and cut arms, but it wasn't going to happen the way I was working out. 

Here's why: 

  • I forgot my shoulders. And if there's a secret to toner and more defined arms, it's all in the shoulders. 
  • I was eating like a starving caveman. All the time. We know that's a no-go if you want to see any results.
  • I didn't work out several other muscle groups, like chest, back, traps or delts. It all works together.
  • I was confused about how much weight I should be lifting and the number of reps and sets to complete. 

(For more healthy lifestyle tips to incorporate into your fitness routine for results, see my tone it up intro post.)

Yeah, that definition I was shooting for wasn't going to appear anytime soon—until I met my husband, and he showed me how to work out the right way. Now I'm much happier with my arms, though there's still plenty of work to be done. 

shoulder exercises

Defined shoulder muscles will really enhance your arm's shape (fairly quickly, too). The goal is to work all the muscles in and around them to strengthen, tone and define the whole shoulder.

Focus on form, and remember to shoot for 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each exercise. Here's my quick shoulders workout for you. ;) 

And here are a few more: : 

  • This shoulder workout has six exercises that will get you started. There's even information to help you pick the right weight. 
  • Sneak in a quick full-arm workout with these four exercises
  • Then, work to open and stretch out your shoulders with these yoga poses (you know I love yoga). Performing these movements will relieve tension and improve flexibility. 

Once you get started, you'll be surprised how quickly you see improvements and how easy it is to complete a workout. 

Keep it up, health nuts. I'm on this journey with you. ;) 

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