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drink up, buttercup. (and i don't mean wine.)

drink up, buttercup. (and i don't mean wine.)

Skin that's hydrated, from the inside and the outside, glows. 

That's how huge hydration is. If your skin is hydrated, it's almost impossible for it to look and feel drab or unhealthy. Hydrated skin is slow to develop wrinkles and won't begin to sag as quickly. It's soft and smooth and sports an even tone and clear complexion.

Now that I have your attention, let's dive in. Here's how to keep your skin hydrated, dewy and healthy—for a complexion that glows (and even resists wrinkles). ;)

water, water and more water

OK, you know this one: You have to drink water. Tons of it. Every day.

Hydrating from the inside out boosts overall organ health on a cellular level, encouraging better blood circulation to your skin—you know, your LARGEST organ. Right.

So, how much water are we talking about? There's no set-in-stone number, but the National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine's Health and Medical Division recommend that women guzzle 91 ounces of water and men 125 ounces of water per day. Let's break this down: 

-8 oz = 1 standard glass

-91 oz = just over 11 glasses

-125 oz = about 15 1/2 glasses

If you don't already own one, it's a good time to invest in a large water bottle, preferably a cute one that you don't mind taking with you basically everywhere, because you'll be sipping all day until you eventually start noticing more than just healthier skin—you'll feel better physically and mentally, too. 

Keep in mind that water alone will not magically hydrate your skin. Consider healthier skin to be a by-product of a well-hydrated body. More importantly, if you're not consuming enough water, your skin will show it. 

And according to UWHealth.org: "If your skin is not getting the sufficient amount of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling."

Um, no thanks. I'll stick to sipping out of my adorable cactus water bottle. ;)

hydrating foods

Water isn't the only way to keep your body hydrated, though. Fruits and veggies are full of water as well as skin-healing antioxidants and nutrients, and some even hydrate the body more effectively than water does. That doesn't mean you should replace any of the water you're drinking each day with these foods. Think of your daily water intake as a baseline. Then, add these foods into your diet for extra skin-boosting benefits. Skin, meet your new best friends: 

watermelon, celerystrawberriescantaloupepineappleoranges, raspberries, cucumber, green peppers, spinachiceberg lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, cauliflower, star fruit, broccoli, grapefruit, baby carrots

And there are more, too, so instead of memorizing a list like that, I just make fruits and vegetables the primary foods in my diet. Try to incorporate your favorites into your diet first, and then expand a bit to eventually include more fruits and veggies. 

from the outside in

Now that you're hydrated from the inside out, let's talk about how to nourish your skin from the outside in. (And you thought we were done.) 

When you wash your face with water and run-of-the-mill soap, you strip your skin of its natural oils. But, I get it, you have to get that makeup off, along with the dirt and grime that inevitably shows up each day. 

The key here is to first use all-natural and organic products that balance your skin's pH. You can do this by oil cleansing or by using an all-natural and organic cleanser followed by a moisturizer. Before you can decide which cleanser and moisturizer are best for your skin, you need to identify your skin type.

You can do that here

In addition to your cleanser and moisturizer, you'll want to apply a deeper moisturizer or oil and an eye creme each night before bed. Doing this will nourish your skin, keeping it firm and staving off wrinkles. I highly recommend this organic anti-aging oil serum for most skin types and this green tea antioxidant serum for normal to oily skin. 

Here's what I recommend for cleansers:

-cleansing gel

-face soap (tea tree, lavender or charcoal)

And these are my recommendations for moisturizers: 


-face creme

-eye creme

that's a wrap

You've got your water bottle, stash of produce and skin care products. Check. But, you're probably wondering how long it will take to see results. According to TheDoctorWithin.com, which recommends drinking two liters of water (about 64 ounces) per day, you should give it 60 days. Then, you will see and feel results. 

Keep up with these healthy practices, and they'll eventually become part of your lifestyle. And that's how you get glowing, hydrated skin for life. ;)

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the vegan smoothie you need in your life right now

the vegan smoothie you need in your life right now

get your glow on.

get your glow on.