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three must-haves for a glowing complexion.

three must-haves for a glowing complexion.

If I had to narrow down my stash of all-natural, organic and cruelty-free skin care and makeup products to my top three for a glowing complexion...

OK, it was easy—maaaybe took me 3 seconds. 

These three products are my staples, go-tos and favorites for adding a healthy glow to my face. And I think you'll love them, too. 

Meet my must-have glow-getters.

healing elements balm 

The top, No. 1, all-time bestseller and miracle-worker is the Healing Elements Balm. This balm does practically everything—from healing scars (like the one my husband recently incurred), fading bruises, relieving eczema, toning down rosacea, soothing burns and infections to clearing acne, hydrating and plumping skin (for that dewy glow) and evening out skin tone. This is a product I always have on hand. 


strobe stick

My No. 2 glow-getting favorite is the Strobe Stick. It literally puts the glow in my face, and I'll use it as a highlighter before applying my mineral powder foundation. This stick rolls on the skin easily and highlights through my foundation. I apply it in triangles under my eyes (going up the top of the cheek bones), down my nose (starting at the center of the forehead), in the cupid's bow (center dip of the upper lip), above the arch of each eyebrow and in the center of my chin. It catches the light at the high points of the face for a beautiful effect. 

Strobe and bronzer.PNG

honey glow bronzer

The Honey Glow Bronzer adds a final, glowing touch. It's full of golden shimmery goodness, and I apply it on and right below my cheekbones, along my hairline from my temples to the top of my forehead, on the sides of my nose, under my chin and along my jawline. Glowing is on!

the process

Here's what I typically do: 

  • Apply the Healing Elements Balm all over my face before bed. I will do this after washing my face and letting my face creme soak in (completely optional). 
  • Swipe on the Strobe Stick as my first makeup step in the morning. There's no need to wash my face at this point. The Healing Elements Balm leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh and hydrated by morning, and makeup tends to go on so smoothly.
  • Blend in the Honey Glow Bronzer after applying my mineral foundation. I, then, set my whole face using the Pink Veil Finishing Powder

Now, get outta here and spread your glow. ;) 

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longer, stronger, healthier, shinier. (hair, that is.)

longer, stronger, healthier, shinier. (hair, that is.)

just strong.

just strong.